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Connor Vokac '21

My father pinched a nerve in his lower neck and it has been causing him immense pain, especially in his right arm. He is a contractor so his job requires physical labor on a daily basis. He can't go to sleep at night because of the pain and he is seeing a physician 3 times a week. Please pray for his healing and comfort.
This Student record was created 14-Sep-17 01:34 PM.

Daniele Modderman '18

Yesterday, there was a school shooting at Freeman high school in my hometown, Spokane, WA. Three were injured and one was killed. The boy who was shot and killed lost his father in a freak accident earlier this year. After this tragedy, his mother and teenage sister are left alone. Pray for peace for this very broken family and that Christ would be known through this horrific event.
This Student record was created 14-Sep-17 12:18 PM.

Macey Wymer '21

My friend just lost his grandmother, please pray for his grandfather and the rest of the family.
This Student record was created 13-Sep-17 12:01 AM.

Cat Clemons '19

My grandmother is getting older and is very opposed to Jesus. I have been praying for her for years. It is starting to look like she's going downhill, and it would be devastating for her to never receive the Gospel. Please pray that God's will is to open her heart.
This Student record was created 11-Sep-17 02:26 PM.

shannon Jacobs '18

I have a friend who just found out that her son's girlfriend's cancer has returned to her brain. She is only 20 and they just had a baby about a month ago. She has to have surgery last week and is in the ICU . Please pray that this cancer do not continue to grow. That she recovers, so she can see her beautiful daughter grow up. I would also like to pray for both families. That they have strength, peace, and support while they are all dealing with this horrible illness. Thank you so much,
This Student record was created 09-Sep-17 01:57 PM.

Rebecca Grace Wolf '21

I have a grandma who is refusing to evacuate from her home in Florida as hurricane Irma is coming through and she's got a lot of health Issues, and my other grandparents are evacuating their home in Georgia. prayers for there safety and health would be much appreciated.
This Student record was created 08-Sep-17 01:18 PM.

Elyssa Edwards '18

My dad fell off a ladder yesterday and completely shattered his bone, piercing the skin. He's in reconstructive surgery this morning. Please pray for complete healing and peace of mind for family.
This Student record was created 08-Sep-17 12:00 PM.

Rebekah Faith Jackson '21

My close friend was in a severe car accident September 8th around midnight. He was found in his flipped car submerged in water. Thankfully some good Samaritans rescued him before he drowned. Pray for healing. His name is Sam
This Student record was created 06-Sep-17 07:24 PM.

Matthew Ammerman '21

I am Taking some difficult courses this semester and feel overwhelmed, please pray for Gods will in my life.
This Student record was created 06-Sep-17 12:45 AM.