History Stories by the Methods II Class

We all love stories and this is especially true of elementary students. I have watched over and over again as even the most active class sits spellbound as a teacher tells them a story. This page links you to "high interest'' stories on the topics listed below so that you can make social studies and history come alive for your students as you tell them stories.

All of the stories accessed from this page were written by Cedarville University students and are meant to be told to elementary students. Some of the stories are based entirely on fact and some are historical fiction. They are accompanied by 4-5 questions which can be used to help students review the story. A teacher's page includes answers to the questions, an outline for telling the story, and a list of sources. The stories have been compiled over the past several years and since an effort was made to improve the format each term, the format is not always consistent. Although an effort has been made to ensure accuracy and cite sources, not all of these stories should be considered definitive sources.