Advanced Concepts and Practice in the Care of Adults


The focus of this course is to prepare advanced practice students with biblical, theoretical, scientific, and technical foundations required in caring for adults in a family nurse practitioner role. Students will learn and apply health promotion, disease prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and evidence based management of common primary health problems in adults. Students will develop skills in patient advocacy, cultural competence, clinical decision making and judgement. The student will work under the supervision of qualified clinical preceptors and the School of Nursing faculty to achieve entry level clinical competency in the nurse practitioner role. This course requires 200 hours of direct clinical care. Prerequisites: NSG-6050 Professional Role Development and Health Care Leadership; NSG-6060 Healthcare Economics and Policy; NSG-6070 Principles of Evidence Based Nursing Practice; NSG-6080 Biblical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice; NSG-6150 Advanced Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Genomics for Advanced Nursing Practice; NSG-6160 Advanced Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice; NSG-6170 Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning for Advanced Nursing Practice. (Fee: $1000)

Academic Level:
Nursing [NSG]
Terms Offered:
2022SP, 2021FA, 2021SU, 2021SP, 2020FA, 2020SU, 2020SP, 2019FA, 2019SU, 2019SP, 2018FA, 2018SU
Term Sect Instructor Meeting Location/Days/Time Cap Used
2022SP 01 Dr. Cliff Fawcett ONL
Dates: 01/10/22-05/06/22
18 0
2021FA 01 Dr. Cliff Fawcett ONL 8/23/21-12/10/21
LEC RF 9/30/21-10/01/21
CLN 8/23/21-12/10/21
Dates: 08/23/21-12/10/21
18 7