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Office Location

The residence life offices are located on the lower level of the Stevens Student Center. Offices are open Monday–Friday from 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

For medical emergencies, call 911. If you are in need of after hours assistance for non-life threatening emergencies, contact campus security at 937-239-6491

Administrative Staff

Photo of Deb Kiefer

Deb Kiefer

Administrative Assistant - Student Development

  • Location SSC 162
  • Phone 937-766-7872
  • Email Email
Photo of Mindy May

Mindy May

Director for Student Development and Dean of Women

  • Location SSC 163
  • Phone 937-766-7855
  • Email Email
Photo of Brad Smith

Brad Smith

Dean of Men

  • Location SSC 162
  • Phone 937-766-7872
  • Email Email

Meet the Resident Directors

Photo of Brianna Ackerman

Brianna Ackerman

Resident Director - Maddox Hall

  • Location MX RD
  • Phone 937-766-7630
  • Email Email
Photo of Nick Boucher

Nick Boucher

Resident Director for Lawlor Hall

  • Location LAW RD
  • Phone 937-766-8806
  • Email Email
Photo of Abbey Buettell

Abbey Buettell

Resident Director - Printy Hall

  • Location PR RD
  • Phone 937-766-3035
  • Email Email
Photo of Charlotte Burcham

Charlotte Burcham

Resident Director - Willetts Hall

  • Email Email
Photo of Jason Deardorff

Jason Deardorff

Resident Director - McChesney and St. Clair Halls

  • Email Email
Photo of Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones

Resident Director for Brock and Parker Halls

  • Location BRO RD
  • Phone 937-766-7879
  • Email Email
Photo of Jacob Kitchens

Jacob Kitchens

Resident Director - Rickard and West Halls

  • Location RICK RD
  • Phone 937-766-6526
  • Email Email
Photo of Courtnie Kuhn

Courtnie Kuhn

Resident Director of Bates, Jenkins, and Walker Halls

  • Email Email
Photo of Alexis McKay

Alexis McKay

Resident Director for Murphy

  • Location MPHY RD
  • Phone 937-766-6524
  • Email Email
Photo of Collin Mitchell

Collin Mitchell

Resident Director- Rogers, Palmer, Marshall and Carr Halls

  • Location CAR RD
  • Phone 937-766-8498
  • Email Email
Photo of Miriam Olar

Miriam Olar

Faith Hall Coordinator

  • Location FTH RD
  • Phone 937-766-9377
  • Email Email