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9306NSG 6010 01Adv Concpts/Care Older AdultsDelaney, Elizabeth A3.0$100 LEC TBATBA TBA TBA - 20614View Textbook
9307NSG 6015 01Adv Pract/Care Oldr Adlts FNPDelaney, Elizabeth A1.0$400 CLN - 66FullView Textbook
9308NSG 6030 01Adv Concpts/Care of WomenWilliams, Marcia R
Mickle, Angelia M
3.0$100 HYB HSC338 TBA TBA - 20614View Textbook
9309NSG 6035 01Adv Pract/Care of Women FNPSmithers, Lisa M.
Mickle, Angelia M
Williams, Marcia R
1.0$400 CLN - 67FullView Textbook
9217NSG 6070 01Prin Evidence Based Nsg PractWood, Teresa L.
Christman, Sharon K
3.0$50 ONL - 18135View Textbook
9218NSG 6080 01Biblical Found/Adv Nsg PractDickson, Terry Marc3.0$50 ONL -
Dates: 06/26/17-08/18/17
18144View Textbook
9404NSG 6080 02Biblical Found/Adv Nsg PractSmith, Mary Atkinson3.0$50 ONL -
Dates: 06/26/17-08/18/17
18126View Textbook
9310NSG 6160 01Adv Pharmacology for APRNEtcher, LuAnn3.0$50 ONL - 18126View Textbook
9311NSG 6165 01Advanced PharmacologyEtcher, LuAnn2.0$50 ONL - 18117View Textbook
9221NSG 6170 01Adv Hlth Asess/Diag Rsng APRNSmith, Mary Atkinson
Delaney, Elizabeth A
3.0$200ONL 5/8/17-8/18/17
LEC HSC 311 MTWRF 8/14/17-8/18/17
201010View Textbook
9222NSG 6175 01Adv Hlth/Phys Asess/Diagn RsngSmith, Mary Atkinson
Delaney, Elizabeth A
2.0$50 ONL - 18216View Textbook
9223NSG 6230 01Populatn Based Hlth Care MgmtRussell, Anne C3.0$50 ONL -
Dates: 06/26/17-08/18/17
20218View Textbook
5348NSG 6240 01Practicum IParrill, Rachel Lynn2.0$100 FLD - 20119View Textbook
9225NSG 6310 01Adv Concepts & Pract/Care AdltFawcett, Clifford
Mickle, Angelia M
Williams, Marcia R
6.0$700ONL 5/8/17-8/18/17
LEC HSC 311 MTWRF 6/11/17-6/17/17
CLN 5/8/17-8/18/17
18144View Textbook
9226NSG 6325 01Adv Concepts & Pract/Care ChldHigginbotham, Joy K
Mickle, Angelia M
6.0$700ONL 5/8/17-8/18/17
LEC HSC 301 MTWRF 6/11/17-6/17/17
CLN 5/8/17-8/18/17
1899View Textbook
9384NSG 6390 01MSN Capstone IIHigginbotham, Joy K
Mickle, Angelia M
Delaney, Elizabeth A
2.0$150 RES - 20317View Textbook
9398NSG 6400 01Foundations of Nursing EducWagner, Rebecca S3.0$50 ONL -
Dates: 05/08/17-06/23/17
18117View Textbook

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