Accounting involves the preparation, analysis, and communication of relevant information for decision making. Financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, tax accounting, governmental and public sector accounting, accounting information systems, and management consulting services represent the major divisions of the accounting discipline.

Accounting has always been an invaluable part of the business world. It is often referred to as "the language of business" because it is the means by which financial information about a business can be communicated to many groups of people. Accountants must decipher the numbers and communicate them to company leadership, so they can be used to analyze past activities and forecast future operations. Accountants not only provide a business with the means to measure its performance and to track expenses, but through their logical records they can also identify sources of fraud or theft.

For the second consecutive year, Cedarville University ranked first among Ohio universities for the first-time pass rate on the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Cedarville’s Christian accounting program not only prepares students to be successful and ethical professionals in accounting, and also to use these skills and knowledge as a pathway to minister financially to individuals, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

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