Global Business

Cultural mistakes are costly. In 2006, retail giant Wal-Mart closed its doors in Germany after numerous cultural misreads. The problem? Wal-Mart chose to use American store managers who were not fluent in German, nor adept at cross-cultural interaction. They did not listen to employee and customers who complained about the floor layout, the lack of food choices, and discounted prices expected by German shoppers. 

The global business major equips students to serve customers in international markets and teaches them how to take a local business global. Our comprehensive program of cultural immersion and language training, coupled with a geographic focus and business discipline concentration, will prepare you to apply biblical principles of excellence, stewardship, servant leadership, and humility to your global future. The global business major is designed for students who are interested in understanding the various socioeconomic and political factors that affect international businesses.

“Study abroad is an amazing opportunity to expand your horizons, meet new friends from all around the world, and learn about yourself. My experience in Ireland is one I wouldn't trade for anything!” —D.J. Whittemore

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