Professor and two students examine a bone

Department of Kinesiology and Allied Health

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Thank you for your interest in the Cedarville University Department of Kinesiology and Allied Health.  We are privileged to prepare students to reach their career goals by providing a broad spectrum of programs related to human performance and health care. If you have an interest in working with physically active people in a variety of exercise, recreational, educational, and therapeutic settings, or in pursuing graduate-level education in one of the allied health careers, we have a program for you!

The foundation of each one of these programs is a commitment to Scripture as the authority for our responsibility to be good stewards of the human body. This Christ-centered focus is evident throughout our programs, in the lives of our faculty members and the content of our curriculum.

If God has given you the desire to serve Him in an exercise, sport, or health-related career, Cedarville will open a world of opportunities. Visit us soon, and see for yourself!