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Transformation in the Midst of Noise — 11/15/2022

Thomas Mach

Today's speaker is Dr. Thomas Mach, Vice President for Academics at Cedarville University. Speaking from Romans 12:1-5, Dr. Mach encourages us to allow our minds to be transformed by the will and Word of God.

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The Lord is Good: Psalm 78 — 11/14/2022

Thomas White

Today's speaker is Dr. Thomas White, President of Cedarville University. Dr. White exhorts us from Psalm 78 to remember and teach future generations about the glorious deeds of the Lord.

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Veterans Day Chapel — 11/11/2022

Today's annual Veterans Day Chapel honors all who have served, or are presently serving, in the United States armed forces.

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From Burned Out to Worn Out--God is Faithful — 11/10/2022

Loren Reno

Today's speaker is General Loren Reno, Special Advisor to the President of Cedarville University. Speaking from 1 Samuel 30:1-31, General Reno proclaims God's faithfulness.

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Sophomore Class Chapel - 11/9/2022 — 11/9/2022

Luke Hoover

Today's chapel is led by Cedarville University's Sophomore Class. Chaplain Luke Hoover brings a message from 2 Corinthians 5:1-10.

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The Whim of a Madman: How Affliction, Comfort, and Hope Communicate the Gospel — 11/8/2022

Will Smallwood

Today's speaker is Dr. Will Smallwood, Vice President for Advancement at Cedarville University. Dr. Smallwood reminds us from 2 Corinthians 1:1-11 that God comforts those enduring suffering.

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Jesus is Better: Hebrews 6:13-20 — 11/7/2022

Jeremy Kimble

Continuing the series in Hebrews entitled "Jesus is Better", Dr. Jeremy Kimble reminds us that life can sometimes seem hopeless, but hope is always available in Jesus. His text is Hebrews 6:13-20. Dr. Kimble serves as Associate Professor of Theology at Cedarville University.

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The Lord is Good: Psalm 19 — 11/4/2022

Thomas White

Today's CU Friday speaker is Dr. Thomas White, President of Cedarville University. Speaking from Psalm 19, Dr. White teaches that we should proclaim the glory of God.

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Praise Chapel - 11/3/2022 — 11/3/2022

Today's Praise Chapel is led by HeartSong, focusing on rejoicing in the Gospel.

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This is Our Story — 11/2/2022

Hance Dilbeck

Today's speaker is Dr. Hance Dilbeck, President and CEO of GuideStone. Dr. Dilbeck shares from Titus 3:3-7 the hope we have in our salvation from sin through Jesus Christ.

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Stand for Life: Building a Foundation to Care for Mothers — 11/1/2022

Trip Lee

Today's chapel is led by Stand for Life, a movement that affirms and defends the dignity of all human life, with keynote speaker, Trip Lee, and worship leaders, Shane and Shane. Speaking from Matthew 22, Trip Lee entreats us to love God and love our neighbors.

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Jesus is Better: Hebrews 5:11 - 6:12 — 10/31/2022

Jon Wood

Today's speaker is Dr. Jon Wood, Vice President for Student Life and Christian Ministries at Cedarville University. Dr. Wood spurs us on to spiritual maturity, speaking from Hebrews 5:11 - 6:12.

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