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Welcome to CedarNet! On our campus, guest computers are referred to as "Self-Provided Computers" (SPCs). SPCs share the University's high-speed Internet connection, but do not have permission to use the software we provide on our University-owned computers.

In order to successfully connect your SPC to Cedarville's network, two steps must be taken:

1. Setup

  • Before you attempt a connection, please verify that you have updated your anti-virus software and your anti-spyware software. This will help prevent the risk of both getting and spreading a virus.
  • You will connect using an Ethernet connection. Please verify your device is able to make a connection through one of these methods. (Modem dial-up connections do not work on campus.)
    • Active data jacks are marked with a green dot. To use an Ethernet connection, plug into an active wall jack with a standard "Cat. 5" Ethernet cable. It is a little bigger than a phone cord. If you forgot yours or do not have one, the Cedarville University Bookstore in the Stevens Student Center (SSC) has them for a reasonable price.

2. Registration

You will need a username and password to register your computer and use it on Cedarville's network. This can be obtained from your main point of contact with the University.

  1. Once on campus, register your computer by opening your browser and going to an off-campus web page (i.e., This will re-direct your browser to the Self-Provided Computer (SPC) registration page.
  2. Follow the directions shown on the SPC registration page page, using the username and password you were given to register your SPC.
  3. Restart your computer when registration is complete.