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Student Organizations

  1. Student Organizations
  2. Fitness and Recreation
  3. Student Services
  4. Ministries
  5. Chapel
  6. Living on Campus / Dining
  7. Living in Southwest Ohio
  8. Health and Safety
  9. Yellow Jacket Athletics

Student organizations provide opportunities for you to get involved and make connections during your time at Cedarville. From academic and professional, to social and service, to cross-cultural and special interests, you’ll find 100-plus organizations with like-minded students who share your passions and interests. Want to join a group of future teachers? You’ll find that here. Interested in networking with professional engineers? We’ve got a group for you. Want to develop leadership skills? Practice a foreign language? Worship through dance? You’ll find an organization that welcomes you and helps you advance your skills and find a place in our tight-knit Christian community.

Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA) provides a voice for students, encourages involvement on campus, and develops campus morale. In short, SGA enhances the quality of student life at Cedarville University!

Experience Cedarville

Take a look at what genuine Christian community looks like at Cedarville.

Kartpool Karaoke

In this Campus Buzz, hear about Elliv and National Deposit Day and meet the new SGA President and Vice President, all while "kartpooling" around campus.

Student Involvement Fair

Take a look at the annual Student Involvement Fair, where students discover how they can connect with and serve the local community.

Building Community

At Cedarville, genuine Christian community is intentionally built into every program, event, and activity on campus.