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Bachelor of Arts in Industrial and Innovative Design

About the B.A. in Industrial and Innovative Design

If you are interested in a career where you can use innovation and creativity, consider Cedarville University’s distinctly Christian Industrial and Innovative Design degree program! This program, which includes study in interior and exterior architectural design, product design, and transportation design, will prepare you for an exciting career in 3D design.  You'll also experience Cedarville’s highest standards of challenging academics with a biblical worldview.

In a unique collaboration, Cedarville partners with the International Center for Creativity (ICC) whose recently renovated facilities are located in Dublin, Ohio, a northwest suburb of Columbus. You will spend your first two years on Cedarville’s campus completing your Bible minor and general education courses. Then, you will complete your junior and senior years at ICC’s unique and picturesque professional design studios where you will be taught the knowledge and skills you need for a dynamic career in 3D design.

Industrial and Innovative Design Program Highlights

Comprehensive — You will be immersed in the design and creativity development experience, learning rendering skills, hands-on problem-solving, model making, digital design, design research, design entrepreneurship, presentation skills, and design-thinking methodology.

Broad exposure — You will be taught a wide range of design application options through studying coursework in:

  • Consumer product design – focus on products that will be purchased and used by people
  • Exterior architectural design – focus on the outside of homes and buildings
  • Interior architectural design – focus on the inside design of homes and buildings
  • Transportation design – focus on the design of models for vehicles

Specialization — In the spring of your senior year, you will select a specific area of design through a capstone research project to then develop during a nearly 12-week “deep dive” into that particular area of interest.

Innovative — The academic team at the ICC understands that each student has their own unique learning style, and the curriculum and delivery methodology is just as innovative as the content itself.

Intense, real-world experience — You’ll benefit from classes that are delivered consecutively, versus concurrently in a traditional program, meaning that you’ll focus on and master one subject area fully before moving on to another. This allows for more intensity, increased retention, and a greater simulation to “real-world” design projects, demands, and deadlines.

Outstanding faculty — You’ll learn from experienced faculty with real-world experience.

What Can I Do With Industrial and Innovative Design?

Placement of graduates from the industrial and innovative design program into design careers has been very high, often well above 90%! Within six month of graduation, our graduates have been hired at places like:

  • Reebok
  • Bose Electronics
  • Sterilite Corporation
  • Honda Research and Development
  • General Dynamics (Bath Iron Works)
  • Steelcase
  • PlanIt Studios
  • Continental Office
  • Priority Designs
  • Benjamin & Bond

According to industry data, employment of commercial and industrial designers is expected to grow approximately 4% over the next decade. Employment growth will arise from increased demand for quality new or upgraded products that are safe and comfortable to use, and for high-technology products in consumer electronics, medicine, transportation, and other fields. Despite the increase in design work performed overseas, most design jobs, particularly jobs not related to high-technology product design, will still remain in the United States.

Opportunities to Learn Outside the Classroom

During the ICC experience students typically have multiple interactions with industry professionals, who attend presentations, jury work, conduct content-specific workshops, and even supervise class projects. Not only does this enhance students’ education and experience, but it also can assist with career networking and advice, and résumé and portfolio review.

Mostly, students have an “experience” that is truly one-of-a-kind through challenging and relevant projects, available and engaged faculty, a dynamic and fresh curriculum, all in a setting that inspires creativity, collaboration, and innovation.


Get to Know the ICC

The International Center for Creativity (ICC) is an industry partner with Cedarville University. Together we work to develop the next generation of working professionals.

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Visit the ICC

The ICC welcomes visitors from all over to visit our recently renovated campus in Dublin, Ohio, a northwest suburb of Columbus, providing inspiration for creativity and learning.

Placement Success

We're proud of our successful graduates. A three-year average of 97.9% of Cedarville graduates were employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Check out Cedarville's other placement rates.

A graduation ceremony in the courtyard of the Kosovo Leadership Academy in June 2021. Photo credit: Jim Stevenson.

Training the Next Generation of Leaders in Kosovo

Jim Stevenson, president of the International Center for Creativity (ICC), where Cedarville junior and senior industrial and innovative design students take classes, visited the Kosovo Leadership Academy seeking to inspire entrepreneurial thinking.
IID students working on foam and clay car model

Investing in the Next Generation of Inventors

Cedarville University’s Industrial and Innovative Design majors at the Columbus-based International Center for Creativity are serving as judges and mentors for the Ohio Invention Convention.
Jim Stevenson teaching at the International Center for Creativity

Cedarville Stories Podcast: His Creative Mind Reflects the Creator

Jim Stevenson, director of the International Center for Creativity, has a soaring, singing, creative soul, which finds its rest and direction in the One who has gifted him in such amazing ways.
Dick Blanc, director of the Beyond program

Beyond Program Featured on Investor Connect Podcast

Dick Blanc, director of Cedarville's Beyond Startup Accelerator, was also a guest on the Faith Driven Investor podcast.

Program Faculty

Photo of Jim Stevenson

Jim Stevenson

Supporting Instructor of Industrial and Innovative Design

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Industrial and Innovative Design Program Curriculum

Building on your general education liberal arts and Bible minor courses, you will take core art and design courses.

Sample courses:
  • Consumer Product Design
  • Interior Space Design
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