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David "Pete" Peterson

David "Pete" Peterson, EdD

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology


Dr. David Peterson is a retired U. S. Navy Aerospace/Operational Physiologist with more than 20 years of active duty service. He has earned multiple degrees in exercise science and is a former competitive powerlifter. Dr. Peterson has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, a textbook, and presented at multiple national and state conferences on the topics of body composition and physical fitness testing. He is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Dr. Peterson’s military call-sign was MEAT, standing for "Must Eat All the Time."

Education and Credentials

  • Ed.D. in Sports Management (with emphasis in Sports Health and Fitness), United States Sports Academy
  • M.S. in Exercise Science, University of Louisiana - Monroe
  • B.S. in Exercise Science, Truman State University

Scholarly Works

  • Development of an Online Doctor of Education Program in Applied Exercise Science (David D. Peterson) Faculty Dissertations (2014)
  • A Practical Guide to Personal Conditioning (David D. Peterson and Melissa A. Rittenhouse) Faculty Books (2018)
  • Movement Competency Screen Predicts Performance in Female Military Academy Recruits (Alex M. Warshaw, David D. Peterson and Sharon M. Henry) The Sport Journal (2018)
  • Periodic Fitness Testing: Not Just for Athletes Anymore (David D. Peterson) Strength and Conditioning Journal (2018)
  • The Navy Physical Fitness Test: A Proposed Revision to the Navy Physical Readiness Test (David D. Peterson) Strength and Conditioning Journal (2015)

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  • Interests: Weight training, big game hunting, watching movies, and studying the Old Testament
  • Why Cedarville?: Today’s military, just like our society, has become more secular in nature. Although I will always cherish my time and experiences in the service, I now want to work in an environment dedicated solely to upholding biblical morals and values.