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Visual Communication Design

The B.A. in Visual Communication Design prepares you for a design career in the fields of graphic design and interactive web design. Whether developing logos, websites, brochures, or interactive interfaces, this major is ideally suited for the curious, the creative, the collaborative, the service-minded, and for those who thrive on exploring practical, creative solutions across a variety of media and platforms.

Within the major, there are two overlapping areas of emphasis:

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a thriving industry that uses compelling imagery — most typically through type, photography, and illustration — to communicate messages to a variety of audiences on a mass scale.

Graphic designers might work on projects designing:

  • Visual brand elements including logos, identity systems, print collateral, and websites for companies and organizations
  • Layouts for publication of books, magazines, billboards, annual reports, and posters
  • Specialty areas such as advertising, wayfinding, product packaging, T-shirts, and film title sequences.
Graphic Design

Interactive Web Design

Interactive web design is a rapidly growing area that integrates graphic design with other disciplines, such as content strategy, search engine optimization, application development, and computer programming.

Interactive designers might work on projects designing:

  • Web page layouts fine-tuned in design software but implemented with high-quality HTML and CSS
  • Interfaces and graphics for web-based applications, mobile devices, and games
  • Interactive components of web pages such as interactive maps, infographics, games, and media players.
Interactive Web Design

Our program is rooted in the liberal arts and integrated with biblical study, preparing you to become a Christ-follower in the design field who leads by example. The program emphasizes the balance of breadth (general education and related minors) with the depth of the major-specific courses sequenced to develop strong, relevant skills needed to succeed in the industry now.