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The Bible Minor Project

One of the value-added distinctives that sets Cedarville apart is that every student, regardless of major, receives a Bible minor. Made up of five courses, the Bible minor stretches students to think about God, His Word, and His world in whole new ways and encourages them to apply Scripture to all areas of their lives. We are excited to serve parents, churches, and the greater Body of Christ by providing these exceptional resources for personal and community study.

Theology I Taught by Dr. Jeremy Kimble

Jeremy Kimble

Theology I is the fourth course in Cedarville’s Bible Minor sequence. This course introduces the doctrines of the triune God, creation and humanity, revelation, and sin. You’ll discover how theology applies to your life and learn how to defend what you believe. These free resources are made available for personal enrichment, group Bible studies, and the benefit of the church.

The videos feature Dr. Jeremy Kimble, Associate Professor of Theology, as the course professor. Dr. Kimble is passionate about teaching students the truth of God’s Word.

If you would like to inquire about Dr. Kimble speaking at an event, please complete this contact form. Dr. Kimble regularly preaches at churches, conferences, and camps, and can also specifically address issues of theology, biblical worldview, biblical manhood, and the doctrine, function, and strengthening of the local church.

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Course Videos

The videos below are presented in the order of the class lectures.

Theology I: Intro to Theology

In this first lecture, Dr. Kimble introduces the topic of Theology and why it's important for Christians.

Theology I: Why Theology Matters

Dr. Kimble continues to unpack the question of why theology matters.

Theology I: Theological Method (part 1)

Dr. Kimble continues to unpack theology, as well as why it matters for us to understand biblical doctrines.

Theology I: Theological Method (part 2)

Dr. Kimble continues his discussion of the Theological Method, as well as apologetics.

Theology I: Natural Revelation (part 1)

Dr. Kimble begins discussing revelation by starting with the idea of natural revelation.

Theology I: Natural Revelation (part 2)

Dr. Kimble discusses natural revelation and various beliefs of salvation, focusing especially on the ideas of inclusivism and exclusivism.

Theology I: Special Revelation

In his discussion on revelation, Dr. Kimble shifts to begin discussing Special Revelation.

Theology I: Hermeneutics (part 1)

In this lecture, Dr. Kimble discusses biblical hermeneutics, or the interpretation of the biblical texts.

Theology I: Hermeneutics (part 2)

Dr. Kimble discusses biblical interpretation of Scripture, known as hermeneutics.

Theology I: Triune God (part 1)

Dr. Kimble begins to discuss the Triune nature of God.

Theology I: Triune God (part 2)

Dr. Kimble discusses the Triune nature of God as well as some historical creeds on the Trinity.

Theology I: Triune God (part 3)

Dr. Kimble continues in his discussion of the Trinitarian nature of God.

Theology I: Transcendence and Immanence

Dr. Kimble discusses the transcendent and immanent natures of God.

Theology I: Attributes of God (part 1)

Dr. Kimble describes the incommunicable attributes of God, such as how God is infinite.

Theology I: Attributes of God (part 2)

Dr. Kimble discusses the self existing, unchanging nature of God.

Theology I: Attributes of God (part 3)

Dr. Kimble begins to discuss the communicable attributes of God.

Theology I: Attributes of God (part 4)

Dr. Kimble introduces the doctrine of Hell as well as the attributes of God: God’s love, goodness, grace, mercy, and beauty.

Theology I: Creation and Providence (part 1)

Dr. Kimble discusses creation and God's providence.

Theology I: Creation and Providence (part 2)

Dr. Kimble continues to look at creation and the biblical view of providence.

Theology I: Purpose of Creation

Dr. Kimble discusses God's providence as well as the problem of evil in our world.

Theology I: Prayer

Dr. Kimble discusses prayer and how we should pray.

Theology I: Humanity (part 1)

Dr. Kimble discusses the biblical foundations and theological synthesis of humanity.

Theology I: Humanity (part 2)

Dr. Kimble discusses biblical foundations and theological formulations that effect our lives.

Theology I: Humanity (part 3)

Dr. Kimble discusses complementarianism, the idea that men and women have different but complementary roles and responsibilities.

Theology I: Humanity (part 4)

Dr. Kimble continues to discuss the complimentary roles of men and woman, particularly how they are involved in church leadership.

Theology I: Image of God (part 1)

Dr. Kimble begins discussing the image of God.

Theology I: Image of God (part 2)

Dr. Kimble finishes up his discussion of the image of God and what it means for Christians to be His image bearers.

Theology I: Doctrine of Sin (part 1)

Dr. Kimble finishes up the discussion of the nature of humanity and shifts his focus to the doctrine of sin.

Theology I: Doctrine of Sin (part 2)

Dr. Kimble dives into Adam and Eve's sin, seen in Genesis 3, and how the results of the Fall still affect us today.

Theology I: Doctrine of Sin (part 3)

In this discussion of sin, Dr. Kimble gives historical development as well as various sources of sin.

Theology I: Doctrine of Sin (part 4)

Dr. Kimble continues to discusses the doctrine of sin, as well as some historical developments from theologians.

Theology I: Overcoming Temptation

Dr. Kimble gives helpful insight on overcoming temptation.

Theology I: Need for the Messiah (part 1)

Dr. Kimble finishes his discussion on the doctrine of sin and shifts the focus to our need for the Messiah.

Theology I: Need for the Messiah (part 2)

In this final lecture, Dr. Kimble finishes up by going through a series of passages that describe the Messiah's power over sin and Satan.

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