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Students studying in front of the capitol in Washington DC

D.C. Semester

Due to challenges associated with COVID-19, the D.C. Semester study opportunity has, unfortunately, been canceled for fall 2020. We will share 2021 information as soon as plans are confirmed.

The DC Semester is a unique opportunity offered by Cedarville University and managed by the Department of History and Government.  The semester is a competitive  program that runs each fall semester.  A faculty member is sent from Cedarville to live in Washington, DC to run the program.  Students who are accepted into the program pay the normal block tuition and room fees.  Board is not charged with the program and students are able to use that money to purchase food for themselves during the semester in DC.  The students live at a dorm attached to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank only three and a half blocks from the Capitol.  Students take two courses with the professor that is there with his or her family and go on a variety of tours and activity outings. In addition, each week on Mondays, there is a briefing at a government agency, a think tank in DC, a non-governmental organization of some type, or a Christian lobbying organization.  The courses taken focus on a biblical understanding of citizenship, the role of government, and the process of policy making in a democratic society.  Students uniformly remark that this is a life-changing semester for them and many have gone back to jobs offered to them as a result of their internship work.