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Male and female students listening in class

Honors Program Benefits

Honors students tend to recognize that advanced, intellectual pursuits are reward enough in themselves. However, there are also many tangible benefits to the Honors Program, including:

  • Participating in a “community within a community.” Honors students enjoy and benefit from the Honors courses and activities, and it becomes one of several communities that are vital to their overall college experience. The cohort environment of the freshman experience contributes to deep and lasting friendships.

  • Developing skills that employers are looking for with the liberal arts focus of the program. It is estimated that college graduates today will change careers from four to six times in their lifetime. As a result, employers are more and more interested in applicants who have the skills that are enhanced by the liberal arts, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, information management, and communication.

  • Enjoying smaller class sizes, advanced seminars. The Honors curriculum is challenging and engaging.

  • Participating in Honors events hosted by the Honors student organization, Tau Delta Kappa. Events include coffee talks, in which professors discuss their recent research in a question and answer format, movie nights, symphony trips, camp-outs, our annual bonfire, and a worldview conference in the spring.

  • Accessing advanced registration. Honors students register in the first period of each registration cycle, which allows them to arrange the schedules with greater flexibility.