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Additional Library Services

Additional Services

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Computers / Printers / Scanners

Computers are available in the upper level of the library and dual-monitor computers are available in the MediaPLEX on the lower level. Scanners and printers are also available on upper and lower levels. Color Printing available in the MediaPLEX. A CedarPrint station is located on the upper level.

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Materials from Other Libraries

Looking for an item not available at Cedarville? You can use OhioLINK, SearchOhio, and ILL to request resources.


New Library Materials

A list of all New Materials available at the library each month.

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Dual Enrollment

A guide with resources for Dual Enrollment students.


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Research Lockers

Application and information for the research lockers located on the lower level of the library.

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Disability Assistance

Reasonable accommodations are provided to users with disabilities to promote their participation in using library resources and services.

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Ask a Librarian

Contact a Librarian with questions about research.