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Worship Chapel

Room Descriptions

Artist Green Rooms

Recitalists and guest artists can take advantage of comfortable artist green rooms that provide areas for changing and relaxing prior to performances.

Choral Rehearsal Room

The choral rehearsal facilities are designed to provide an excellent acoustic environment as well as an effective practice area. The built-in risers make this a great room for teaching conducting class, rehearsing the 50-voice Women's Choir, practicing with 250 voices for the Christmas-time oratorio, or masterwork performances.

Department Offices

The Department of Music, Art, & Worship office is a busy hub of activity that provides support to its 26 teaching faculty and over 110 music majors within the department.

Faculty Studios

The faculty teaching studios/offices in the Bolthouse Center are spacious, well-equipped facilities that provide a pleasing environment for private instruction and one-on-one interaction between faculty and students.

Instrument Wing

Along with several faculty studios, the instrumental wing of the Bolthouse Center includes the Band rehearsal room, small ensemble rehearsal room, instrument repair, music library, and instrument storage areas. This is the main practice area for all instrumental ensembles.

Pedagogy/Electronic Music Wing

The Pedagogy/Technology wing houses several lab spaces dedicated to different specializations within the department. The Music Computer Lab is a local area network of 11 music workstations that include Macintosh computers equipped with top-of-the-line music software packages like Finale, Performer, and Digital Performer. Each workstation also has a MIDI keyboard for music entry and playback. The workstations allow students to generate publication-quality musical scores with music notation software and to produce large-scale instrumental performances with sequencing software. An extra MIDI development room is available for advanced students who wish to record projects for demo purposes, etc.

The Keyboard Pedagogy area has two separate functions. The first is a standard classroom area where students learn the skills of keyboard instruction. The second portion of this area is designed to look like a home teaching studio. Students and faculty teach private lessons in an environment that is very comfortable and friendly.

The Class Piano Lab is where beginning instruction in piano takes place. All music majors are required to meet specific piano proficiencies. Those who have not studied piano in the past are able to enroll in class piano lessons that introduce them to this important skill.

Practice Rooms

The Bolthouse Center includes 20 Wenger sound-proof practice rooms. These rooms are equipped with top-quality instruments including three grand pianos, twelve studio uprights, and five Clavinovas used by vocalists and those interested in MIDI applications. The practice rooms are available from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

Recital Hall

The Recital Hall in the Bolthouse Center for Music is an outstanding solo and small ensemble performing venue. The room seats approximately 250 people and is designed to take full advantage of carefully tuned acoustics. All department recitals take place in the Recital Hall.

Student Lounge

The Music Student Lounge provides an excellent place to meet, socialize, and study. The lounge has a number of sitting areas as well as vending machines.