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Vocal Audition Guidelines

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Vocal auditions must include all the components described below:

1. Audition Repertoire

Performance of three memorized selections of contrasting nature using the following guidelines:

  • An Italian, German, or French art song
  • An American or British art song
  • A classical art song or vocally appropriate aria of your choice

2. Musicianship Test

  • All prospective undergraduate students are asked to sight-read a short musical selection
  • You will also be asked to repeat short melodic passages (played on the piano) to demonstrate tonal memory capabilities.

3. Interview

  • You will be asked about your career goals, performance experience, and other related questions that will help us guide you in our program.

4. Supporting Materials

  • The student should provide a written music resume that includes a list of all significant repertoire studied during high school, performance experience (church, school, contests, recitals, etc), and a brief statement of the student's musical goals for college and beyond.


We strongly urge you to bring an accompanist with you. However, we are able to provide an accompanist for your audition. When scheduling your audition, please let us know if you need an accompanist. If you will be using a Cedarville University accompanist, please provide copies of your pieces two full weeks before your scheduled audition. Taped accompaniment is unacceptable.

Recorded Audition Instructions

On-campus auditions are preferred and required for applicants living within 300 miles. If a recorded audition is necessary, please upload a video to a video hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo using the same guidelines for on-campus auditions. In place of the in-person tonal memory exercise, please include the required vocalizations found here.

  1. Please announce each piece before it is performed allowing sufficient breaks between selections.
  2. Recordings should be prepared with great care. If you cannot have the recording made professionally, be sure to locate the best equipment, acoustical situation and personal assistance possible.
  3. The recording should not be edited or spliced.

Links to your videos should be sent via email to the Cedarville University Music and Worship Department at Deadline for recorded auditions is on or before the last scheduled audition date.