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Christian School students and families want dual enrollment options. As a school administrator, you want to be sure those classes align with your curriculum, match your high standards for academic excellence and remain consistent with your mission and worldview.

Great news! Cedarville University offers a Dual Enrollment Christian School Partner program that does all of this!

Our innovative Christian School Partner program enables you to offer your high school students academically challenging, biblically faithful college-level dual enrollment courses — in your classrooms, with your teachers, and at an affordable rate.

In this unique partnership, a Cedarville University faculty member will oversee the course and your classroom teacher will actively support students throughout the semester. Courses are designed to be offered on your campus and all curricula will be delivered using the best-in-market higher education learning management system.

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Why Become a Christian School Partner?

Benefits to Your School

  • Students stay in your classrooms and courses are delivered onsite.
  • Your teachers can continue teaching, mentoring, and pouring into the lives of your students.
  • You don't have to compromise on content by remaining faithful to deliver content consistent with your school mission.
  • Course content is delivered through our learning management system and is easy to use and provided for you.

Benefits to Your Students

  • Students earn college credit from Cedarville University, one of the largest fully accredited, academically challenging Christian universities in the nation.
  • Courses satisfy upper-level high school curriculum standards in English and Literature, History and Government, and Speech (Math and Science courses planned for 24/25).
  • Courses are useful, relevant, and transferable.
  • Content is distinctly biblically integrated.
  • Students continue to learn from teachers they know and trust.
  • Courses are affordable and competitive with community college rates.

Available Courses

Fall 2023

  • ENG-900 Foundations for College Writing (non-credit course)
  • COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech
  • LIT-2300 Intro to Literature
  • HIST-1110 US History to 1877
  • GSS-1100 Politics and American Culture (Government)

Spring 2024

  • ENG-1400 Composition
  • LIT-2340 Western Literature
  • HIST-1120 US History since 1877
  • ECON -2110 Essentials of Economics
  • FIN-1710 Personal Finance