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Doctor of Pharmacy Deans' Greeting

Deans' Greeting

One of the most exciting and dynamic professions in health care is pharmacy. As the health care needs of our communities have increased in both complexity and cost, the pharmacy profession has assumed a more active role in the direct, clinically focused care of patients and their families. Schools of pharmacy, in turn, have responded with a variety of course changes to accommodate those shifts. Students enrolling in Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) programs are now extensively trained in disease pathologies, patient assessment, patient communication, clinical decision-making, cost-effective and clinically effective therapy management, clinical research methods, and business strategies.

At Cedarville University, we go even further in our approach to taking care of patients. We recognize that serving people is God’s call in our life. In addition to affording students experiences in industry (e.g., research and development of drug products), various high-level practice settings, and unique health care companies, we also provide students with experiences in underserved populations, assist students in finding God’s call within their chosen profession, and challenge students to be innovative in every facet of professional engagement. We desire our graduates to be good stewards of God’s wisdom.

Graduates will be exposed to the myriad unmet needs within the health care system. At Cedarville University, we are preparing you to create strategies to initiate positions, companies, or organizations to meet those needs. Our hope is that you will graduate from our program not just seeking positions, but envisioning and creating the positions that will make a difference in our society.

We are glad that you chose to be part of our unique mission and rewarding profession!


Photo of Jeffrey A. Bates

Jeffrey A. Bates, PharmD, BS Pharm, FMPA

Dean and Professor of Pharmacy Practice