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Chapel and Bible Minor

How Do Chapel and the Bible Minor Contribute to Spiritual Growth?


Daily chapel and Bible minor courses will challenge you to live out your faith and make Scripture central to every part of your life.

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Chapel and Bible Minor

At Cedarville, our four core values are love for God, love for others, integrity in conduct, and excellence in effort. Though there are many ways that we will come alongside you and help you live out these core values, two of the most significant ways that we will do this is through daily chapel and the Bible minor that is built into every undergraduate program.

Chapel is often called the heartbeat of campus, and for good reason. Every weekday at 10 AM, the student body gathers together to experience powerful teaching from the Bible and impactful worship that will challenge you to deepen your relationship with Christ. When they graduate, students consistently rank chapel as one of their highest-rated experiences here. You may be wondering what chapels are like in Cedarville. On most Mondays, our president, Dr. White, speaks. On Tuesday through Thursday, we bring in speakers from all around the world. Sometimes, they're pastors or missionaries. Other times, they are from the business, political, or sports world, and they discuss how they live out their faith in the place that God has called them. Then on Fridays, our student government leads the chapel.

At Cedarville, all students, regardless of major, will complete a Bible minor made up of five courses earning 15 semester hours. We want every student to engage with courses that will build their biblical and theological competence, so they can apply biblical truth to all areas of life. With this biblical and theological knowledge, you will be able to bring fresh insights into your field, demonstrate Christ-like character, and be someone that God can use to be an encourager to hurting people. As part of your Bible minor, you will take The Bible and The Gospel, Old Testament Literature, New Testament Literature, Theology 1, and Theology 2. Bible minor classes are some of the highest-rated classes on campus. These courses will increase your knowledge of and love for God's word and challenge you to apply it to all aspects of your life.

In all of this, we aim to renew our minds in biblical and theological truths, raise our affections for Jesus Christ, and live all of life to the glory of God. You'll learn what it means to honor God in your vocation, your family, your community, and as you serve in your church. The Bible minor will equip you to spot false teaching, love the truth, and train up others to know and love God by means of his word. Paired with daily chapels, the Bible minor, will help you live God's word and share the testimony of Jesus Christ.