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Online Resources for Accepted Students How-To Video

Online Resources for Accepted Students

We think you’ll find this how-to video helpful, especially if you have a student who plans to start at Cedarville this fall. Online Resources for Accepted Students will introduce you to two key online resources that will help you as your student takes the next steps in his or her Cedarville journey. You'll discover where to go to find a roommate, complete health forms, view financial aid, and more.

Watch the video or scroll down to read the transcript.

Please note: Instead of using as shown in the video, you will now access

Online Resources for Accepted Students

Once you've been accepted to Cedarville, you'll want to become familiar with two key resources available to you on our website. These online resources will be a huge help to you as you prepare to start your Cedarville journey.

The first resource is your personalized accepted student portal found at This site may just become your best friend over the next several months. When you log in, you'll find access to all the information you need as an incoming student. It'll help you stay on track with the tasks you need to complete prior to enrolling officially at Cedarville. This site will alert you when it's time to complete important tasks such as filling out the FAFSA, viewing financial aid resources, confirming your major, completing required health forms, taking the MyPlan career assessment, finding a roommate and much more. You'll probably want to bookmark this site. You'll be using it a lot.

Another important web resource you need to know about is your financial aid eAward found at [note: this is an updated link from what is given in the video]. You can also access this page through your accepted student portal starting in January. This page will show all your financial aid information including institutional scholarships, external scholarships, and loan options. Be sure to check the site regularly. It will be updated any time you receive a new scholarship or grant.

Finally, let's talk about logging on to these resources. You will use the same username and password that you created when you applied to Cedarville. After you created that account, you should have received an e-mail from Cedarville with your login information. If you've forgotten your login information or just can't find it, don't even worry. The easiest way to get your password reset is to contact your admissions counselor.

Just call 1-800-CEDARVILLE. We want to help in any way we can as you take the next steps towards enrolling.