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Male and female students studying at a table on the patio at Cedarville

Homeschooled Students

Homeschooled Students

As you prepare to transition from homeschool to Cedarville University, there are exciting opportunities and adventures ahead! We are here to serve you, answer your questions, and simplify the admissions process.

Cedarville is a popular choice for homeschooled students because we are committed to building on the strong, home-based, value-centered education you are currently enjoying! Between 15-20% of students on campus are homeschool graduates, and many of our faculty and staff also homeschool their children — including our president!

And, you can jump-start your college experience by taking online dual enrollment courses through Cedarville's Dual Enrollment program for high school students.


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Cedarville is intentional about:

  • Preparing you for a successful career and ministry
  • Deepening your faith in Jesus Christ so it reflects in your life and service to others
  • Building a supportive community for lasting and meaningful friendships

Cedarville University Is Homeschool Friendly

Noah Branch sits at a table in the Biblical and Theological Studies building

Noah Branch ’18 - Pharmacy

“Going from being home educated to Cedarville has definitely been an adjustment, but the professors and students here have really helped make it work. Initially, I thought it would be hard to connect with people and get involved with the University because my education didn’t give me the same experiences most public- or private-schooled students have, but I’ve been able to get to know some great people and get involved with great organizations.”

Don’t Let College Undermine Your Student’s Faith - For Homeschoolers

Your student’s college years are critical to forming their worldview, and where they go matters. Will they choose a secular university with a humanistic worldview, a university that is Christian in name only, or a genuinely Christian university that will build upon the biblical worldview you have taught in your home? Dr. Thomas White, President of Cedarville University and a homeschool dad, discusses how to prepare your student for this critical college decision. He shares questions to consider to make sure your student’s faith stays strong during the important college years.