One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

Chloe Metaxotos

Chloe Imfeld

Admissions Counselor


If I were a CU student… I would get involved right away with the plethora of opportunities that Cedarville has to offer. I’d jump into intramurals and discipleship groups, go to on-campus events like ALT nights and worship nights, and find ways to serve. I’d want to try all the new things, meet new people, and dig in to new friendships and take advantage of the theological resources here, prioritizing my relationship with Christ. Our community here is lively, close-knit, and vibrant, and there are so many great ways to get plugged into it.

What is the best restaurant in the area? Here’s the thing. There are so many different categories of restaurants, and I love food, so I’m going to give you my favorites for a few different categories of restaurants. For brunch: Another Broken Egg. It’s a southern-inspired brunch place with the best omelets, eggs Benedict, cinnamon roll French toast, and so on. Browse their menu and your mouth will water. Plus, if it’s your first time going, you get free beignets!! In Columbus, my favorite is The Brown Bag — a top-tier sandwich place tucked on a street corner in German Village. For a late night snack, I’ll no doubt be hitting Victor’s Taco Shop for their chicken super nachos and a churro. Then, lastly, Raising Cane’s Chicken. Nothing else needs to be said. Cane’s Always.

What sets CU apart from other colleges and universities? Cedarville takes discipleship seriously. Dr. White, our president, quotes Cedarville’s motto all the time when he says that “we will stand firm for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ,” and I have seen that lived out in in each area of life over the years I’ve spent here, especially in how the community seeks to help one another grow in Christlike character. Through daily chapels, the way we structure life in residence halls, weekly Bible study groups, missions trips, worship and prayer nights, meeting with professors for coffee, etc., every aspect of life at Cedarville is geared toward building up our relationships with Christ so that when we go out from here we are different from when we came in.

Hometown? Merrimack, NH

Degree? B.A. in advocacy communication

Best place to visit around Cedarville? It’s hard to choose. I always love going to the trails and rivers and parks in the area, but there’s a little jazz club in Cincinnati called Schwartz Point that is well worth a visit. When I went last, one of the musicians who was playing that day had been inducted into the jazz hall of fame, and he was incredible. It’s the perfect way to close out a day in Cinci; I highly recommend!

Bucket list item: Go on a guided backpacking tour through a rainforest