One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

Sarah Igleheart

Sarah Igleheart

Assistant Director of Admissions

If I were a CU student ... I would be invested in the people around me! Cedarville offers many opportunities for students to be a part of a special community. Take time to get to know your hall/unit mates, discipleship group, or classmates. These friendships will sharpen you to grow in Christian maturity and last long after you walk across the graduation stage. Lastly, I would study in a career field that I am passionate about. It is a great joy to serve God with different giftings!

What is the best restaurant in the area? Ellie’s Restaurant and Bakery in Yellow Springs is one of the best-kept secrets in the area! While it's only about 10 minutes from campus, it is tucked inside the Mills Park Hotel. You can get coffee or a treat to go or enjoy a delicious brunch. I highly recommend it!!

What sets Cedarville apart from other colleges and universities? I visited Cedarville for the first time during my senior year of high school. I knew within the first five minutes of my visit that I hadn’t been at an institution like this before. Cedarville holds the Bible in high authority and seeks to weave it into every aspect of campus life. The students, staff, and faculty genuinely take their faith seriously. The community at Cedarville is rich and authentic!

Hometown? Hartville, OH

Degree? B.A. in communication

Best place to visit around Cedarville? I loved visiting Columbus as a student! There are amazing coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping centers. My favorite areas of Columbus are the Short North, German Village, Easton Shopping Center, and Bicentennial Park. Roosevelt Coffeehouse has the best cappuccinos!

Bucket list item? Travel to all 50 states!