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Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne

Senior Admissions Counselor

If I were a CU student ... I would get involved in service organizations, sign up for a Discipleship Group, and join an intramural sports team! There are many opportunities at Cedarville to grow — academically, spiritually, and relationally — and many ways to experience this growth. I would also expedite on many relationships to learn and ask questions of. Being a college student is a fun and formative time, and there are so many amazing and godly people at Cedarville to learn from and unique experiences to grow from! I got involved in a lot of different ways as a Cedarville student (RA, Tour Guide, Summer staff member, and others!) and I don’t regret one of them. In fact, I wish I branched out even more because of all the ways I grew from each!

What is the best restaurant in the area? I love brunch, and one of the best brunch places is about 10 minutes from Cedarville called Sunrise Cafe. Their pancakes are amazing, but you won’t go wrong with anything on their breakfast menu!

What sets CU apart from other colleges and universities? Cedarville is set apart in two ways: 1) it stands for the Word of God in all its avenues (classroom, sports field, stage, etc.) and 2) the people at Cedarville, both faculty and fellow students, show a Christlike love toward you in a magnetic way that creates an incredible community and environment for a college campus.

Hometown? Asheville, North Carolina

Degree? B.S. in exercise science

Best place to visit around Cedarville? Buck Creek State Park is very close by and a beautiful spot to catch a sunrise or sunset. Ohio has some gorgeous skies!

Bucket list item? I would love to go to all of the waterfalls in Spain someday.

Region: Indiana and Illinois