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Susannah Sowell

Susannah Sowell

Admissions Counselor

If I were a CU student ... I’d be intentional about finding a church family at the beginning of freshman year, and then getting plugged in to serve at church! I also would get to know the BroSis and the girls in my hall since that is such a big community available.

What is the best restaurant in the area? It would be disingenuous to say anything but Orion or Beans-n-Cream, the two coffee shops in Cedarville. I have spent more time at these two places than any other restaurant or coffee shop nearby! Iced maple spice lattes at Orion and raspberry white mochas at Beans are fantastic!

What sets CU apart from other colleges and universities? One of the biggest things that sets Cedarville apart is the intentional community that is emphasized and encouraged. One-on-ones are a rhythm of campus that allow you to get to know the deep and personal details of those you are living life with. There are also events going on almost every weekend on campus, so it is easy to not even leave campus! These intentional relationships that are fostered at Cedarville are also rooted in Christ since the Gospel is so integrated into our lives: from chapel to praying in class to going to Discipleship Groups, you are spending time running the race with the community around you.

Hometown? Oldham County, Kentucky

Degree? Double major, BA in Spanish and psychology

Best place to visit around Cedarville? I love biking around the parks in Columbus and then grabbing dinner at the North Market. They have so many international restaurants inside, so it’s a must to go with friends so everyone can share meals! It makes a perfect day if you then walk around German Village and end the adventure at The Book Loft bookstore!

Bucket list item? Live in Latin America one day!