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Image of Cedarville campus: Dixon ministry center, Cedar-lake and Biblical and Theological Studies Center are shown on a clear summer day

The 10-Year Campus Master Plan

The 10-year campus master plan is the practical outworking of a vision for future faithfulness. Bathed in prayer, it represents the investment of thousands of hours of imagining, researching, discussing, listening, and formulating a proposal that allows Cedarville to steward well the financial, physical, and academic resources that God has graciously provided.

This plan will change the look of Cedarville’s campus, enable us to increase the number and scope of academic programs, and enlarge the University’s capacity to affect the lives of undergraduate and graduate students for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.

Over 11 months during the 2017–2018 academic year, the University, in cooperation with planning partner the Collaborative, developed the master plan unveiled in this website.

This process included input from more than 3,000 faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members, and friends of the University. It involved a detailed and thorough analysis of Cedarville’s existing buildings and campus space, and offered recommendations accordingly, from beautification projects such as a gateway arch to show the boundary of campus to large-scale infrastructure like the new Welcome Center and Liberal Arts Building.

The Cedarville University leadership team dedicated heart, soul, mind, and strength to developing this plan because they knew it was more than a proposal for new buildings. Ultimately, it is an act of obedient faithfulness to King Jesus, who is the founder and sustainer of Cedarville.

Throughout this website, six major building projects will be introduced: a Chick-fil-A dining commons, 282-bed Residence Hall, Civil Engineering Building, Callan Expansion, Lorne C. Scharnberg Business Center, and Welcome Center, Classrooms, and Academic Offices. This 10-year master plan also includes projects that will make the campus easier to navigate, more beautiful, and even more welcoming than it currently is. Cedarville will look very different by 2029. But it will also be positioned for years to come as a University where students’ lives are transformed through excellent education and intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority.

Welcome Center, Classrooms, and Academic Offices

This stately new facility will join several outstanding academic departments under one dome and offer a welcome center for campus guests.

The New Business Building to Be Built on Campus

Lorne C. Scharnberg Business Center

This multi-level facility will showcase the School of Business Administration and increase conference capacity.

The New Callan Extension to Be Built on Campus

Athletic and Academic Expansion

This two-story expansion will house a new weight room, expanded locker rooms, a team room, and office/classroom space for a new Master of Athletic Training and Physician Assistant Program.

The New Civil Engineering Building

Civil Engineering Center

COMPLETED 8/20 – This dedicated lab and instruction space houses the new and growing civil engineering major.

The New Chick-fil-A on Campus


COMPLETED 8/20 – The new 300-seat dining and campus community facility overlooks Cedar Lake.

The New Residence Hall to Be Built on Campus


COMPLETED 8/20 – New residence hall provides generous community spaces to serve the needs of a growing student body.

Chapel Expansion

Jeremiah Chapel Expansion

COMPLETED 8/19 – An additional 300 seats have been added to the Jeremiah Chapel.

Warren and Betty Wiersbe Library and Reading Room

COMPLETED 8/19 – The Library houses the vast personal library of one of the foremost Bible teachers, professors and authors of the 20th century.

Additional Projects

  • Chapel Expansion
    Completed fall 2019
  • Wiersbe Library and Reading Room
    Completed fall 2019
  • St. Rt. 72 Signage & Landscape Improvements
  • Fountain Near Entrance
  • New Campus Pedestrian Gateway
  • New DMC Alumni Plaza