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503B Outsourcing Facilities and the Role of Pharmacists

May 20, 2021

by Dr. Justin Cole Most people are familiar with 503A pharmacies, which dispense patient-specific medications pursuant to prescriptions for individual patients. These include your local corner pharmacy, hospital pharmacies, and many others. 503B outsourcing facilities, however, are not as familiar. To understand the important role of 503B outsourcing facilities in... View Article

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Vaccine Hesitancy and COVID-19 Vaccinations

March 18, 2021

by Dr. Justin Cole The sprint to develop vaccines effective at preventing COVID-19 infection and its subsequent complications is unprecedented in modern medicine. Presently, three companies have been granted emergency use authorization from the FDA for their COVID-19 vaccines: Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and, most recently, Johnson & Johnson. More vaccine candidates... View Article

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Advocacy for the Pharmacy Profession

March 10, 2021

by Matt Merical The Cedarville School of Pharmacy  spends much of the month of February highlighting the importance of legislation and advocacy to the profession of pharmacy. Each year we promote the Ohio Pharmacists Association’s Student Legislative Day as a “book end” of sorts to foster conversations between students and... View Article

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Independent Pharmacies and Coronavirus Testing in Ohio

February 1, 2021

by Matt Merical COVID-19 has changed the face of healthcare dramatically. Reports in March 2020 marked the turning point of infectious disease management in the United States. Soon after shutdowns were announced, classes were hosted online, and the economy of the country came to a halt, and the President announced... View Article

Female pharmacist shows mom and young girl how to use inhaler.

Charity and Creativity Meld to Meet Medication Needs

January 22, 2021

by Emily Wicker  “My husband died a month ago, so I don’t have health insurance and I can’t afford my medications.” “My brother-in-law is visiting us from overseas. He had a stroke the week before he was supposed to travel back home. He doesn’t have health insurance and cannot afford... View Article

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How Your Genes Can Improve Your Care

January 15, 2021

by Lucas O’Brien Medications are an essential component of modern healthcare. Some medications have become universal household products, such as various medications for seasonal allergies, pain relief, or even for sleep. For those with chronic conditions, some prescription medications may become a part of everyday life. Everyone has a different... View Article

A Christian Perspective on Well-Being and Resilience in a Pandemic

December 18, 2020

A Christian Perspective on Well-Being and Resilience in a Pandemic by Dr. McKenzie Grinalds No one needs convincing that healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, struggle with burnout and mental health crises. Burnout was a reality prior to the pandemic and is raging even more as we seek to cope with professional... View Article


Beyond Safety and Efficacy: Ethics and the COVID Vaccine

December 11, 2020

by Rachel Wolthoff COVID-19 continues to change the status quo. In an effort to stop the progression, the White House has created “Operation Warp Speed” to accelerate vaccine development and approval. One vaccine is in the process of receiving emergency use authorization, and it is likely that a total of... View Article