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Disruptive Healthcare


October 1, 2020

In the era of modern medicine, healthcare providers have relied on unique ways of observing and measuring the function of the body. These measurements are critical to the processes of health assessment, diagnostic accuracy, and monitoring of diseases and their treatments, and biomarkers are one of our most effective tools... View Article

Blockchain Technology and Pharmacy

September 1, 2020

by Lucas O’Brien By 2013, the currency “Bitcoin” had been around for two years. Due to its instability, few took Bitcoin seriously as a proof of concept for the technology known as “the blockchain.” At this point, Bitcoin was valued at roughly $13. By the time Bitcoin reached its zenith... View Article


August 15, 2020

by Matt Merical The current use of conventional medications is generally a precise process. From the initial stages of drug development to final population-based medication usage, anything that can possibly be done to provide effective medications is accomplished. Dosage forms can be produced to make the medication readily available for... View Article

Innovation in Pharmacy

August 1, 2020

by Dr. Justin Cole “There is a way to do it better – find it.” – Thomas Edison It’s undeniable that the profession of pharmacy, like any other profession, can benefit from change fostered by a few who have the vision and grit to make things better. Innovation is a... View Article

Female pharmacist shows mom and young girl how to use inhaler.

How COVID-19 Is Empowering Pharmacists

April 13, 2020

By Marc Sweeney, Pharm.D. Dean, School of Pharmacy Cedarville University Due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for more frontline healthcare workers, pharmacists have been empowered by the federal government and most states to meet the growing healthcare needs. Considering that pharmacists are educated in a... View Article

Provider Status and You

February 7, 2020

by Myriam Shaw Ojeda, Pharm.D. What is the meaning of a disruption? I like to visualize this word as a calm ocean floor that is interrupted by a speeding sea creature. Eventually, the waters may settle down, but the sandy ocean bed is never the same. I share this imagery... View Article

Female pharmacist shows mom and young girl how to use inhaler.

Today’s Pharmacist: From Product Focused to Patient Focused

December 12, 2019

How has the pharmacy profession changed over the years? Turns out, a lot. Today’s pharmacists have drastically changed how they practice pharmacy. So, what does a pharmacist do today that’s different? Pharmacists today have come out from behind the counter and can be found in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and hospices... View Article

Should Drug Makers Be Blamed for Crisis?

October 3, 2019

In a recent op-ed in the Dayton Daily News, Marc Sweeney, R.Ph., Pharm.D., Dean of the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy, offered a look at how personal responsibility fits into the opioid crisis. The recent announcement that Purdue Pharma will file for bankruptcy as part of the settlement with myriad... View Article

The Business of Disrupting Healthcare: A Cedarville Encore Event

September 18, 2019

Join the School of Business Administration, School of Pharmacy, and The Graduate School at Cedarville University for a special one-day event: “The Business of Disrupting Healthcare: A Cedarville Encore Event” Friday, October 4, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Through breakout sessions and a lunchtime plenary speaker, we’ll explore some... View Article