Lil Sibs Weekend

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lil Sibs Weekend?

Lil Sibs Weekend is an annual event at Cedarville designed to reconnect siblings (and cousins too!) after weeks away from each other, but also to give little siblings the opportunity to experience life on a college campus first hand.

When is Lil Sibs Weekend?

Out of an abundance of caution, Lil Sibs Weekend 2021 has been cancelled. Please direct any questions to Thank you for understanding!

How do I register my little sibling for Lil Sibs Weekend?

Simply fill out the Lil Sibs registration form on the Cedarville website. Registration is typically open from October until one week before the weekend.

Should parents attend along with the little sibling(s)?

Parents are certainly not expected to be present for Lil Sibs Weekend, however, it should be noted that Lil Sibs under the age of 12 are not permitted to stay in the dormitory and will need to find other housing arrangements for the weekend. Most Lil Sibs that fall in this category end up staying with parents in a local hotel.

Are there any required events throughout the weekend?

No. While there will be many events happening on campus during Lil Sibs Weekend, none of them are required for Lil Sibs to attend. We do ask, however, that each Lil Sibs here for the weekend stop by the information desk in the upper Stevens Student Center (SSC) to check-in on Friday.

Where do Lil Sibs sleep?

Siblings between the ages of 12 and 17 are welcome to stay in the dormitories on campus. Lil Sibs under the age of 12 will need to find other housing arrangements.

When does Lil Sibs Weekend start/end?

The weekend starts when registration opens at 8AM in the Stevens Student Center (at the information desk). Most Lil Sibs will depart on Saturday afternoon, but some will choose to stay and go to church with their Big Sib. Lil Sibs Weekend concludes on Sunday night.

I’m a male Cedarville student, but my little sister (or vice versa) would like to come experience Lil Sibs Weekend. What options do we have?

If your Lil Sib cannot stay in the dorms with you because our dorms are gender specific, your Lil Sibs are welcome to stay with a trusted friend of the same gender. There is a section in the Lil Sibs Registration Form where you can designate a host.

Where is check-in?

Check-in for Lil Sibs is at the information desk in the upper Stevens Student Center. Registration is open from 8AM-5PM on Friday of Lil Sibs Weekend. This is where Lil Sibs will receive their shirts (if previously ordered), schedule for the weekend, and a campus map.

Are there any age restrictions for Lil Sibs Weekend?

Yes. Lil Sibs Weekend is designed for little siblings (younger cousins, as well) between the ages of 6 and 17. Lil siblings must be 12 years of age or older to stay in the campus dorms.

Would my older siblings be interested in coming?

No. Lil Sibs Weekend is designed for little siblings, as well as younger cousins, between the ages of 6 and 17. However, it should be noted that only children age 12 and older are permitted to stay in the dormitories. Lil Sibs younger than 12 years of age will need to find someplace to stay off campus (most children in this situation stay with parents in a local area hotel).

Is there any cost associated with Lil Sibs Weekend?

While there is no cost to register Lil Sibs for the weekend, there will be various expenses that come up throughout the visit (meals, souvenirs, etc.). We recommend Lil Sibs come with at least $50 to cover expenses throughout the weekend. Additionally, the optional t-shirts that can be purchased on the registration page are $15.

What if there is an emergency with the Lil Sib during the weekend?

All emergency contact information should be included on the Lil Sibs Parent & Medical release form.

How can I get a Lil Sibs Weekend t-shirt?

There is a section of the registration page for ordering t-shirts. Unfortunately, in order to get the t-shirts here in time for Lil Sibs Weekend, we do need to remove this option from registration a few weeks before the actual weekend.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

We’re sorry we did not answer all your questions! If you have any questions or concerns about Lil Sibs Weekend at Cedarville University, please feel free to contact the Student Life Programs office at 937-766-7955, or email