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How to Present a PDF like a PowerPoint

How to Present a PDF like a PowerPoint

how to turn a pdf into a presentation

With Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can present a regular PDF in similar fashion to a PowerPoint presentation.

Format presentation

  1. Under the "Edit" tab, click "Preferences".
  2. In the [Full Screen] category, you can choose various settings:
    • Under the "Full Screen Navigation" Section, you can loop the presentation by checking the "Loop after last page" option.
    • You can also set the "speed" of the presentation with the "Advance every [ ] seconds" option.
    • It is recommended to leave the "Escape key exits" option checked in order to quit the presentation early.

Present PDF

  1. Under the "View" tab, click "Full Screen Mode". This will start the presentation.
  2. In order to end the presentation before it's finished, press Esc.
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