What is this scholarship?

The Pastor Recommendation Scholarship (PRS) is a university funded scholarship designed to strengthen ties between Cedarville University and gospel preaching pastors and churches. The scholarship is intended to encourage students who wish to pursue a Christ-centered education at Cedarville. The scholarship requires a pastor’s recommendation but is university selected and awarded. The scholarship is awarded based upon the following:

  1. Pastors - request a Pastor’s Recommendation Scholarship (PRS) form. Simply send an email to the Director of Church Relations, Bruce Traeger, at traegerb@cedarville.edu. Include the church’s name, mailing address, your title, and the student you are recommending. The email presumes that the student meets the following criteria: 
    1. Is a regular attender of your church (regular attendance is defined by the church).
    2. Is in good standing at your church (good standing is defined by the church).
    3. Is someone whose goals and aspirations align with the educational mission of Cedarville University (determined by a student’s acceptance to the university).
    4. Will be a new student who will enroll as a full-time undergraduate starting with the fall or spring term of a given year. Note: summer school, College Now, tuition remission, and graduate students are not eligible for the PRS.  
  2. Pastors must be employed by a gospel-centered church as the teaching pastor or elder of that church. Staff pastors are an acceptable option if employed by the church. By requesting a PRS form, the pastor confirms that the student meets criteria outlined in section 1. a. and b.  

This $1000 tuition scholarship will be awarded over two consecutive semesters, $500 applied to first semester and $500 awarded for second semester. Scholarship forms may not be duplicated. 

After the certificate is presented to the student for their acknowledgment and signature, the certificate should be scanned and emailed to traegerb@cedarville.edu. Completed certificates may be mailed (though not recommended) to Financial Aid Cedarville University, 251 N. Main St., Cedarville, OH 45314. The certificate must be postmarked before August 1 for the fall term and January 1 for the spring term. Please contact Church Relations for processing.