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Duerr Publishes Book on European Secession

by Public Relations Staff

Glen Duerr, Ph.D., assistant professor of international studies, has written a new book, “Secessionism and the European Union: The Future of Flanders, Scotland, and Catalonia,” which investigates three of the most prominent secessionist movements in the modern world. The book was published by Lexington Books and will be available for purchase on October 15 at

As part of his research, Duerr traveled to Belgium, the United Kingdom and Spain, where he interviewed journalists, academics and political leaders to examine the secessionist movement within the regions.

“My main variable is the secessionist political parties, how they mobilize, how they present themselves during elections and, in particular, how they present themselves to the population,” Duerr explained. 

In the book, he examines what linguistic, cultural, historic and economic elements developed the popular secessionist movements.

No country within the developed world has seceded in almost 100 years, the last being the Irish Free State in 1921. 

“It seems like a fool’s errand in many regards, but people keep doing it. It’s been fascinating to me for a long time,” said Duerr. 

His interest in cultural identity developed when he was young. Duerr was born and raised in the United Kingdom where his mother was a citizen, but his father American. “Naturally,” said Duerr, “I’ve always had an interest in issues of national identity.”

“It was always interesting when I ran into neighbors from Scotland, my closest neighbors and friends, and we were both a part of the United Kingdom, but they were still somehow different, but not different like me,” said Duerr.

Duerr has also had his work published by Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Canadian Studies, Soccer & Society, e-International Relations and Conflict Resolution Quarterly.  He has also published several essays, including “Soccer Culture in America,” “A History of Evil in Popular Culture,” “The Politics of Baseball,” “Digital Media Strategies of the Far Right in Europe and the United States,” “The European Social Model Adrift” and “American History through American Sports from Colonial Lacrosse to Extreme Sports.”

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