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Ireland Course Provides Unique Learning Opportunity

by Rae McKee, Public Relations Writer

Students from Cedarville University will have the unique opportunity to spend three weeks in Ireland during the summer, where they will study the Psychology of Personality, a course taught by Milton Becknell, Ph.D., professor of psychology.  

Through this course, students will study the major psychological theories and research associated with personality. Students will not only review the history of personality theory, but will also take several personality tests to better understand their own unique personalities.

“The study of personality has tremendous implications for understanding the literature, movies and music produced by society” said Becknell. “This class is designed to equip students with the tools to be more discerning about knowing themselves and reading the behavior patterns of others more effectively, and this can be very helpful for all aspects of life and ministry.” 

According to a study done by the University of California-Merced, students who spend time studying abroad have higher graduation rates, better starting salaries and are accepted to graduate school at a higher rate than students who do not. A recent study by Forbes Magazine also revealed that those with a better understanding of personalities are more successful in business world and in dealing with employee relations. 

Students will be staying in the Coolnagreina International Christian Centre, a retreat located on Ireland’s east coast and used by variety of overseas education and ministry programs. 

The summer course allows Cedarville students a low-cost opportunity to study abroad and learn in a discussion-based environment, while earning their humanities elective.

In addition to classroom instruction and discussion, students will also travel to several locations throughout the United Kingdom, such as the Freud Museum in London, England. 

Sigmund Freud fled his native Austria following its annexation by Nazi Germany in 1938 and lived in London for the remainder of his life. Freud is considered to be the father of psychoanalysis which has been a major influence on the field of psychology and literature over the last century. 

The course will wrap up with a reflection paper, where students will be asked to write about how their experience has helped them learn more about how personalities are formed. 

Students who wish to attend must complete an International Program Application.  For more information on the trip and to receive an application, contact Dr. Becknell at

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