Cedarville professor Dr. Mark Caleb Smith on a television newscast.

Young Earth Textbook is First of its Kind


by Rae McKee, Public Relations Writer

Two Cedarville University professors, John Whitmore, Ph.D., and Steven Gollmer, Ph.D., teamed with Marcus Ross, Ph.D., associate professor of geology at Liberty University, and Danny Faulkner, Ph.D., from Answers in Genesis to publish “The Heavens and Earth: Excursions in Earth and Space Science.” The textbook, designed for use at the college and high school levels, is the first ever to be written from a young-earth perspective.  

The book integrates several disciplines of scientific study to create an in-depth study of how the earth functions. Areas of study covered in the book include oceanography, meteorology, climate, astronomy, natural disasters, and geology.

Prior to the completion of the book, very few materials existed that explored earth science from a biblical point of view.

“Geology, especially, is a field dominated by naturalism and evolution,” said Whitmore. “For that reason a lot of Christians tend to shy away from it.” 

Gollmer added, “I want students to recognize that the young-earth creation model is based on scientific principles just like any other model. 

Students at Cedarville and Liberty University have already started using this textbook for their earth science courses, but the goal is to expand its use to other areas. 

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