One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville
Dr. White giving his State of the University address on October 1, 2021

Standing Ovation for the Lord: Relive the Historic State of the University Announcement

One Thousand Days Transformed: The Campaign for Cedarville. Learn more »

by Clem Boyd

Dr. White pausing during his State of the University address on October 1 to acknowledge that almost 96 million dollars had already been raised for One Thousand Days Transformed The Campaign for CedarvilleJeremiah Chapel was humming on October 1 as students, faculty, staff, and alumni awaited the historic announcement promised to be part of the annual State of the University address. More than 2,000 others joined via livestream.

Anticipation and enthusiasm filled the auditorium, evident in the 3,500 voices praising God: “Sing with joy now, our God is for us; The Father’s love is a strong and mighty fortress.”

A lone narrator on the video screens asked a powerful question: “What is the power of one life transformed?”

The music intensified: “What about two? Or 10? Or hundreds? Or thousands?”

Think about it: What is the impact of more than 30,000 alumni around the world standing for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ? What is the impact of one University with a bold vision to see lives transformed?

This was the driving message of the video introduction that culminated with a call to action: “Now is the time to advance this bold vision!”

The video concluded, and Dr. White took the stage. He publicly announced that Cedarville is launching One Thousand Days Transformed: The Campaign for Cedarville, a $125 million comprehensive campaign, the largest ever in the University’s 134-year history.

This historic fundraising effort will be used to expand our capacity, make Cedarville accessible through scholarships, transform students’ lives in and out of the classroom, and provide for the future, all with a single goal: Transforming students’ lives by the power of the Gospel to advance the Kingdom, not for our glory but for His alone.

This bold vision for Cedarville will add six new facilities; grow the scope and quality of academic programs; enhance and advance student experiences through chapel, global outreach, and athletics; increase affordability; and provide for the long-term sustainability of the University.

As Dr. White showed a graphic revealing the $125 million goal, it was easy to feel daunted. Of course, the Lord can do more than we ask or imagine, but there was a question building in everyone’s minds — how will such a lofty amount be reached?

Dr. White seemed unfazed by the goal. And then, as the graphic began moving, it became clear why. The circular bar sped past the $10 million mark toward $20 million. Then $30 million. There was a stirring in the crowd at this point, as everyone wondered when the line would stop. Past $50 million it went, then $60 million, $70 million, and $80 million. When it finally halted at $95,609,432, the room erupted. The applause and cheering gave way to a standing ovation. Everyone was in awe of what God had already done. It was a standing ovation to the Lord.

And to know that Cedarville is approaching this transformative campaign with no debt — what a remarkable position of grace and strength, provided by God, not by man. Meditating on all the Lord has done already encouraged everyone at the prospect of what is yet to come.

As the chapel closed, and Dr. White ended in a prayer of thanks and gratitude, conversations percolated through the room. God is certainly faithful, and we can trust Him. As the audience streamed out of chapel, discussions focused on the goodness of God and hope for the future.

In a time when the world seems to be unraveling before us, that hope is needed more than ever. God has blessed Cedarville and providentially moved on behalf of this place where the Word of God is honored, and a biblical worldview is taught in every discipline. Where an undergraduate’s 1,000 days on campus are spent with purpose and intentionality. Where lives are transformed through excellent education and intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority.

During that homecoming chapel on October 1, there was a palpable sense of joy at the stewardship God has given to Cedarville, a call to make every student’s 1,000 days matter. And just as every day for every student matters, every gift matters. Every gift supports the mission of Cedarville University to transform students’ lives. Every day matters. Every student matters. Every gift matters.

One Thousand Days Transformed: The Campaign for Cedarville. Learn more »

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