One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

by Clem Boyd

Why would a man happily immersed in a great family life, fulfilling ministry, Dr. Jason Grahame leads Cedarville's new PA Program

and a job he loved make a major move and uproot all this blessing? Because the Giver of all that blessing had called, and His timing and provision can be trusted.

1999 alumnus Jason Grahame is Director of Cedarville’s up-and-coming physician assistant (PA) program, which is scheduled to begin in 2023, pending external approvals. Before his new role, he was a PA in private practice and also Associate Program Director for the Physician Assistant Program at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Cedarville Stories Podcast with Jason Grahame:

But when he spoke to Cedarville President Dr. Thomas white in 2019, and found out that his alma mater was thinking about a PA program, the wheels were set in motion for him and his wife, Charity, and their seven children, ages 2½ to 17, to make a major life change.

Even though COVID-19 impacted their transition to Cedarville, the Grahame family has been welcomed by long-time friends to the campus community. Even with the PA program, Jason has learned that the Lord is sovereign over the process, and he has learned, just as he did with God’s initial call, to trust the Lord’s provision and timing, not his own.

Jason’s wife, Charity, is a constant source of encouragement and prayer support, reminding him of inspiring verses such as Isaiah 40:31.

Jason and the new PA program are part of Cedarville’s new  School of Allied Health, established this summer.





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