One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

by Caroline Tomlinson, Communications Content Manager

It was just like any other day when Abe Awabdy and John Vitaliti headed for the varsity tennis courts at Cedarville University on July 8, 2022. The two have been playing tennis together for 15 years, so this is a rather common occurrence for them. But on this particular day, Abe and John were in the middle of their tennis match when John turned around to see his partner flat on his back in cardiac arrest. Abe Awabdy

John, an experienced anesthesiologist, sprang into action and began performing cardiac compression. John continued cardiac compressions until help arrived. Don Parvin, security operations manager at Cedarville, brought life-saving supplies, and John administered the defibrillator to Abe. His pulse came back, and he began to move again. Abe made a miraculous recovery thanks to the action of his tennis partner and the first responders at Cedarville University.

According to national statistics, only 12% of people survive the type of heart attack that Abe experienced. God used unexpected circumstances to ensure the right people were at the scene when Abe needed help. Abe’s recovery has given him and his wife, Judy, a renewed sense of thankfulness for life and their family.

Listen as Abe, John, and Judy share the story of the frightening experience. 

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