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The Accelerate Reading Program Team Meets to Discuss an Official Launch

Course Increases College Reading Rate

by Alex Boesch, Student Public Relations Writer

College students typically read at a high level, but even students who performed well in high school may be surprised by the quantity and depth of material they have to engage in college in a short amount of time. A new Cedarville University program will help new and existing students increase their reading rate while maintaining comprehension, preparing learners for the rigors of a college workload.

The Cove academic enrichment center launched its Accelerate Reading Program on February 18. Course content will be delivered online year-round and will be available to students from any college or high school. The course is self-paced, and students can begin the five-week program at any point in the school year. To register, sign up here.

“Something we noticed was, coming into college, the amount of reading you have to do greatly increases, more than many students expect,” said Sarah Shaw Ojeda, project manager and front desk receptionist for The Cove. “A course that helps you improve comprehension with higher quantity was a need we thought we should fill.”

The new interactive online format seeks to keep students engaged by incorporating multiple interactive elements and assignments embedded in the course.

“We have to be engaging for this generation,” The Cove director Kim Ahlgrim noted. “We need to find ways to be creative and connect with students, and I think we’re doing that.”

The course’s content has been recorded entirely by students, giving the program a creative and colorful spin on online education. The students involved include Justin Schlabach from Apple Creek, Ohio, Sarah Colgan from Raleigh, North Carolina, Clint Brads from Xenia, Ohio, Gloria Shaw Ojeda from New Delhi, India, and Kasey Pot from Lebanon, Ohio.

“Something we walked away with is how sweet interdepartmental work can be,” Shaw Ojeda added. “We worked with some incredibly talented people and were able to create a course that we know The Cove could not do without the skill of other departments.”

Shaw Ojeda credited many university staff members outside The Cove for their contributions to the project, including three from the university’s Center for Teaching and Learning. The team consisted of Dr. Haisong Ye, instructional designer; Jacob Lashuay, instructional media producer; and Ryan Liming, project coordinator.

Additionally, Jason Frieling from the university’s Continuing Education department and Beth Amstutz from Dual Enrollment added their expertise.

“We are glad that we were able to work on a project like this,” Shaw Ojeda added. “We are excited to help students as they continue on their academic journey.”

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