One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

by Mark D. Weinstein, Executive Director of Public Relations

Transformation. We see it all around us through creation. It’s especially noticeable when winter turns to spring and the withered flowers from the cold season springs to life in a bouquet of colors. 

The same is true in the lives of everyday people. And, the ultimate transformation takes place when a broken, or fallen, heart is changed and moved toward a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Cedarville Stories Podcast with Ben and Carissa Johnson Heartsong

For Ben Johnson and Carissa Johnson — no relation — this summer was a transformational period in their lives as they traveled across the United States singing and worshiping as part of the University’s first-ever Transformational Tour. 

Ben and Carissa, members of the HeartSong ministry team, believe their lives were dramatically changed because of the tour, even though their focus was to minister to the hundreds of people who attended the Transformed Tour.  

Embarking on the 26-day, 10,000-mile Transformed Tour, Ben and Carissa returned to Cedarville with a sharper focus on the Gospel. From their first event at Chapel Pointe Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to the time they worshipped with fellow tour participants at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, the power of the Holy Spirit fell upon them like never before.  

Clearly their experiences were mountain-top opportunities that brought them closer to Christ. Or, as Ben shares in the program, “I became bolder about sharing my faith with anyone, wiser in taking advantage of the opportunities to witness; therefore, becoming closer to Christ.” 

For a tour that Ben and Carissa intended to be on the giving end of love, grace, and mercy to hundreds of people who attended their programs, the script was flipped at nearly every stop. As they reflected on their tour, both Ben and Carissa felt incredibly ministered to by believers from coast to coast. 

It’s a classic example of the body of Christ working together to strengthen the cause of Christ. 

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