One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

by Caroline Kimball, Communications Content Manager

Three months and one kidney later, beloved Cedarville professor Dr. Chuck Elliott is feeling better than he has in years, all thanks to thousands of answered prayers and the selfless sacrifice of his brother-in-law, Jon Enright, pastor of Troy Christian Chapel in suburban Detroit, Michigan.

This road to good health for Chuck has been a long one with its ups and downs.

After years of misdiagnosed high blood pressure, Chuck was devastatingly diagnosed with kidney failure in May 2022. He quickly began dialysis to sustain his failing kidneys and this grueling process, which took nine hours every night, took a toll on his body.

His doctors told him he had one choice – to find a kidney donor. They advised him to ask for willing donors, but anyone who knows Chuck knows that he is a humble and modest man – not about to ask someone for such a sacrifice.

But his students felt differently.

As part of a class assignment, a group of students started the social media campaign, Deep Calls for Life, through which they educated people about organ donation and campaigned for a kidney for Dr. Elliott.

After almost a year of nightly dialysis, Chuck received word that Jon was a match to donate a kidney.

For Jon, this was not a difficult decision. He even went to great lengths to meet donor requirements, including losing 30 pounds.

After successful surgeries for both Chuck and Jon, Chuck is well on the road to recovery, feeling better than he has in years.

Though not without its side-effects and immunity complications, this transplant has been life-changing for Chuck, and he is forever grateful for the support of his students, friends, and family.

Listen to Chuck share his story on the Cedarville Stories Podcast.

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