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by Caroline Kimball, Communications Content Manager

CBD use has increased significantly in the past decade.  Currently 1 in 3 adults use CBD products — and 14% of these are parents who give unlicensed CBD products to their children under the age of 18. What are the effects of CBD, and do we know enough about it? 

Research shows parents don’t know the effects of unlicensed CBD products.  

In an interview with Spectrum News1, Dr. Justin Cole, chair of the department of pharmacy practice at Cedarville University, discussed the impact of CBD on kids struggling with mental health. 

“Parents are looking for answers that will help their child thrive,” said Cole. “The big deal with these unlicensed products is there’s no truth in labeling.” 

Despite the possible positive effects of CBD, the negative effects of the unlicensed products should be considered.  

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