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by Mark D. Weinstein, Executive Director of Public Relations

Is there a healthcare crisis because of a shortage of nurses entering the profession? What is behind the lower number of students pursuing a college degree in nursing?

According to a recent report from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), more than 78,000 prospective nursing students in 2022 were declined enrollment in a school of nursing.

This is an alarming number of potential nurses who either pursue a different career option or a different nursing program.

Watch Dr. Angie Mickle on The National Desk.

This is not the case at Cedarville University where its School of Nursing continues to recruit and enroll qualified nursing students into its undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. According to recent data, there are 484 students enrolled in Cedarville's undergraduate nursing program--and its graduate nursing program continues to grow.

If some nursing programs, like Cedarville University, continue to admit new students, what is behind other programs not admitting qualified applicants?

There are several reasons, according to Tiffani Wise, Regional Dean for the Nursing School at Texas Tech University. In an interview with Angela Brown with The National Desk in Washington, D.C., she says it boils down to the pay of college faculty in comparison to the pay for practicing nurses.

Meanwhile, Dr. Angelia Mickle, Dean of the School of Nursing at Cedarville University in Ohio, believes the crisis comes down to America's aging population, the increased demands being placed on nurses, and the retirement of many nursing professors.

This growing concern is one reason why Mickle was on Capitol Hill recently to talk with congressional leaders about the crisis and proposed new legislation---the Nursing Faculty Shortage Reduction Act that could address the nursing shortage in America. This bi-partisan bill is currently going through Congress and all healthcare leaders hope it will help with this healthcare crisis.

Cedarville University's nursing program, with 100% career or graduate school placement, is highly respected nationally. It currently offers 12 degree programs in its undergraduate and graduate programs. Learn more about the various academic programs by visiting Cedarville's School of Nursing.

Many of the video clips from this national story were taken by Cedarville University videographer Mark Tucker

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