One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

by Mark D. Weinstein, Executive Director of Public Relations

From a young age, Dave Ormsbee immersed himself in athletic competition, regardless of the season. Although not the star player on his high school football team, his passion for sports endured. 

A turning point arrived when a new coach entered the scene during his junior year. Just over a year away from graduating from a small high school in Northeast Ohio, Dave found himself drawn to events hosted by Athletes in Action. Beyond the athletic appeal, these gatherings ignited a profound connection with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Already active in his church, Dave deepened his commitment and embraced a follower's journey with Jesus. Influenced by his football coach, a Cedarville University alumnus, Dave decided to pursue his education at Cedarville. 

While his athletic pursuits reached their peak in high school, Dave's spiritual journey flourished at Cedarville. A year after graduating, he returned to Cedarville, where he has predominantly worked for the past 45 years. 

Dave shares his life's narrative, filled with both joys and sorrows, on this week's Cedarville Stories Podcast. 

Listen to Dave's journey to Cedarville University and how his college years transformed his life on the Cedarville Stories Podcast:

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