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by Caroline Tomlinson, Communications Content Manager

“Once upon a time.” These words open many a story parents have read to their children before the little ones fall asleep at night. We’ve also watched movies and listened to our friends tell the most intriguing stories.

No matter where it was or who told it, everyone loves a good story. The art of storytelling is not mastered by many, but Elizabeth Kollmar seems to have a unique gift of capturing a story through video in her video, “Power in Weakness.”

Elizabeth, a sophomore broadcasting, digital media, and journalism major at Cedarville University, has always loved stories, particularly through the medium of video. But when she came to Cedarville, she discovered the importance of the story above the technology that is used to tell it. You can perfectly film a story, but if it lacks interest, you’ll lose your audience.

Elizabeth has learned a video is only as good as the story it tells.

During her sophomore year, Elizabeth met Aubree, a student who had an amazing, life-transforming story — and it was one she wanted to tell through video.

After several talks over meals, conversations in the residence hall, and over 10 hours of careful editing of the video, Elizabeth produced Aubree’s story in a four-minute documentary film. This film was awarded “Best Documentary” by Good News Productions International. The documentary, “Power in Weakness,” tells Aubree’s battle with Turner’s Syndrome and can be found on RedeemTV or online.

Listen here as Elizabeth shares her story on the Cedarville Stories Podcast.

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