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by Mark D. Weinstein, Executive Director of Public Relations

In the realm of social work, Melissa Brown faces the complexities of life head-on, witnessing struggles that occasionally touch her heart. Yet, it's her servant’s heart and unwavering faith in Jesus that serve as guiding lights, leading her to care for others through simple gestures — a conversation, a hug, or a prayer. 

A few years back, a unique opportunity knocked on Melissa and her husband Tom's door — a chance to care for a young Chinese boy bearing severe burns from an unfortunate accident. Seeking treatment in the United States, the boy needed more than medical attention; he needed a home and a family. Without hesitation, Melissa, Tom, and their three children welcomed Joey into their lives. Originally planned as a short visit, circumstances unfolded, extending Joey's stay amidst the global chaos of COVID. 

Listen to the Cedarville Stories Podcast as Melissa Brown shares a story of love and redemption: the adoption of Joey.

As Joey eventually returned to his parents in China, the need for ongoing medical care brought him back to the United States. Faced with the challenge of his living arrangements, Joey's biological parents turned to Melissa's family, not just for temporary care during treatments but to ask a profound question— would they officially adopt Joey? 

After heartfelt conversations within the family, not everyone initially favored the idea of adoption. With prayerful consideration, Melissa and Tom sensed a divine calling to embrace Joey into their family permanently, initiating the adoption process. 

Now, Melissa, Tom, and their expanded family of four children navigate the nuances of life together. It's not always a smooth path, but Melissa, with an unwavering trust in Jesus, believes that, over time, the hand of God will be evident through this remarkable journey. 

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