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by Jordan Foley

Cedarville University’s School of Pharmacy continuously provides graduates with endless opportunities to impact the pharmacy world and use their degree to help find medical solutions for people in need. For 2018 alumni Dr. Hope Fonbah, the pharmacy program changed the trajectory of his career and provided life-changing opportunities.   

After being hired directly from Cedarville’s pharmacy program, Fonbah runs a clinical practice at the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation on a Navajo Reservation in Tuba City, Arizona. Currently, he works as an outpatient pharmacist and provides medical care at a diabetes management clinic.  

He credits Cedarville University’s School of Pharmacy for providing an excellent education that minimized his student loan debt and provided leadership opportunities that were unmatched by other universities.  

According to the United States Census Bureau, the Navajo Nation is the largest federally recognized tribe in the United States, with over 400,000 indigenous people. Fonbah’s goal while working on the Navajo Reservation is to provide compassionate care to diverse people groups experiencing chronic pain. “I always try to listen to what the person says, but more importantly what they don’t say. People just want someone to listen to them. Due to the cultural differences on the Navajo Reservation, it is particularly important to be intentional and sensitive with my care as a health care provider.” 

“Cedarville helped minimize my student loan debt by allowing me to combine my PharmD and MBA, which gave me the flexibility to pursue various paths and give back to others,” said Fonbah. “The school of pharmacy continually provides a pathway for its students to maximize their learning potential through its combined MBA and PharmD degrees.”  

Additionally, Cedarville’s MBA program equipped Fonbah with the leadership skills to help manage a clinical practice.  

Hope Fonbah“Without any formal business background, Cedarville’s MBA program opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and broadened my horizons,” said Fonbah. “I have abundant flexibility when it comes to work because I can easily transition from direct patient care to management without any complications.” 

In addition to a world-class education, Cedarville provided Fonbah with colleagues who he expects will connect with him throughout his life – specifically Dr. Jeffery Bates, dean and professor of pharmacy practice.  

“Dr. Bates and the entire school of pharmacy have been front and center in shaping my worldview regarding the needs of the health care system in the United States,” said Fonbah. 

By partnering with colleagues and patients, Fonbah improves the lives of people suffering from chronic conditions through effective pain management and intentionality. “Managing any chronic conditions involves showing compassion and setting small goals we can achieve together over time. Once these goals are achieved, the joy on their faces is heartwarming,” said Fonbah.  

Currently, Fonbah is working on becoming a preceptor, which is a practitioner educator who serves as a role model to guide pharmacy students. He aims to continue to improve the clinical rotations in Cedarville’s School of Pharmacy and share the blessings of serving the underserved. 

“If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Cedarville University’s School of Pharmacy every time,” said Fonbah.  

Located in southwest Ohio, Cedarville University is a Baptist university with undergraduate programs in arts, sciences, and professional programs, and graduateprograms. With an enrollment of 5,456 students in 175 areas of study, Cedarville is one of the largest private universities in Ohio and is recognized nationally for its authentic Christian community, rigorous academic programs, and high graduation and retention rates. For more information about the University, visit

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