One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

by Rich Stratton, Assistant Director of Public Relations

All beauty is God’s beauty, and the Department of Theatre at Cedarville University is committed to putting this truth on display. 

As the fine arts have become increasingly secular, many Christian universities have eliminated their theatre programs and relinquished the field to the prevailing culture, but Cedarville stands ready to redeem the stage for God and his glory. 

Stacey StrattonStacey Stratton, assistant professor of theatre at Cedarville, believes the stage provides a unique opportunity for Christians to influence the culture for Christ. “Plays and musicals are dynamic experiences that change based on interpretation, rationale and motivation,” she said. “If theatre artists approach these foundational elements with a biblical worldview, a great majority of productions can reflect God’s redemptive truth.” 

For Stratton, the key element in bringing truth to the stage is developing strong Christians as theatre professionals. This is why the theatre faculty at Cedarville take an aggressive approach to biblical integration in the classroom. They address the real-life issues students will face professionally and help them plan how they will respond as Christians. This preparation allows them to enter the industry ready to be agents of artistic redemption. 

Alix Paris, a 2021 theatre performance and arts administration graduate who is working professionally in New York City, Alix Paris Central Parkis grateful for the preparation she received at Cedarville. “The theatre industry is one of bold worldly values, and entering this community has allowed me to realize just how deep the chasm is between my beliefs and those of my workplace,” she said. “If my training had not been rooted in God’s word, I know I would not be standing as strong in my beliefs.” 

Every theatre major at Cedarville must craft an artist’s credo prior to graduation, which requires them to establish boundaries, plan for difficult situations and articulate their understanding of theatre as ministry. Paris acknowledges that it was during this exercise that she realized her faith is not separate from her career, but the reason God was calling her to this industry. “God wants to use my place in this community to shine as a light for Christ,” she explained. “He is sending me as a missionary to the people I work with, love and value.” 

Paris maintains contact with her former professors and makes herself available to current students as a resource to help them navigate the challenges that lie ahead. “I am excited to see how God continues to use Cedarville students, past, present and future to redeem the theatre industry for his glory,” she concluded. 

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